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In our cattery new kittens were born

01, April 2020 new litter was born from De'Kosh Vsypshkin  и De'Kosh Sisley.

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In our cattery new kittens were born

19 June, 2019 were born new litter from Rumfold & De'Kosh Homer и Honey Owl Absolute Dream.

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FARUS Cat Show results, Omsk (14 April, 2019)

14 April, 2019 De'Kosh Sysley participated in the FARUS cat show in Omsk and got FARUS Master title.

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CATSBURG 2019 (02-03 March 2019)

02-03 March, 2019 the most significant cat's exhibition CATSBURG 2019 took place in KROKUS-EXPO (Moscow).

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Registration of the cattery

Our cattery is officially registered in the felinological systems WCA and WCF.

Genetic testing

All our cats are tested for carriers of genetic diseases.

Participation in cat shows

Our cats are multiwinners of international cat shows

Interesting fact

about scottish cats


Scottish fold as a breed is relatively young. The first kitten of scottish fold was born in 1961 in Scotland on the farm of W. Russo. One of the first scottish fold has appeared in Russia in the 90s of the XX century.


Absolutely all scottish kittens are borned with straight ears and when they became 3 weeks old it is easily to define who have acquired folded gene an who will be scottish straight (highland straight).


It is possible to receive long-hair kitten from two short-hair parents because of long hair gene is recessive. But we can never receive short hair kitten from long hair parents because of short hair gene is dominant.


It is acceptable mating scottish fold on scottish straight only. It is need beacause mating fold on fold is unacceptable and will leads to serious diseases in progenes.


If you have questions about Scottish fold and Scottish straight, or you are interested in and plan to buy a Scottish fold kitten, write to us and we will answer all your questions!