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Scottish cats

fold-1Scottish fold are cats with medium size. Weight of adult cat is approximately from 3 to 5,5 kilos. They have a muscular body with well developed chest, wide and strong back, straight and strong paws. A tale of scottish fold must be flexible along the whole length and should not have any thickenings.
The head of the scottish fold looks like a tennis ball, very round with a high profile, wide cheekbones and strong chin. Ears are very small with rounded tips and tightly pressed down to the head. Eyes look like a dishes - very big and round in respect of the head. It is seemed that scottish fold are permanently surprised something.
Scottish folds are unpretentious and therefore not difficult in maintenance and breeding. They are strong and healthy animals. They are not exposed to diseases using correct approaches in breeding. They are easily adapting in new family and became the best friend for all members whether are people or other animals. Scottish folds have an exccelent temper without any aggression. They are "true small psychologists" who thinly sense their hosts: if you busy scottish fold does not does not disturb you but easily will wathcing for ypur actions and waiting for your attention and love. Unlike other breeds scottish folds do not select the one host they loves all members of the family. They are frendly to children and other animals and never do not claws out. The maximum that scottish fold can allows himself - to run away from the tight embrace of the host.
Scottish folds are quite simple in care but difficult in breeding because of require much knowledges and responsibility.
Registration of the cattery

Our cattery is officially registered in the felinological systems WCA and WCF.

Genetic testing

All our cats are tested for carriers of genetic diseases.

Participation in cat shows

Our cats are multiwinners of international cat shows

Interesting fact

about scottish cats


Scottish fold as a breed is relatively young. The first kitten of scottish fold was born in 1961 in Scotland on the farm of W. Russo. One of the first scottish fold has appeared in Russia in the 90s of the XX century.


Absolutely all scottish kittens are borned with straight ears and when they became 3 weeks old it is easily to define who have acquired folded gene an who will be scottish straight (highland straight).


It is possible to receive long-hair kitten from two short-hair parents because of long hair gene is recessive. But we can never receive short hair kitten from long hair parents because of short hair gene is dominant.


It is acceptable mating scottish fold on scottish straight only. It is need beacause mating fold on fold is unacceptable and will leads to serious diseases in progenes.


If you have questions about Scottish fold and Scottish straight, or you are interested in and plan to buy a Scottish fold kitten, write to us and we will answer all your questions!